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sugar lumps vid.

Mar. 26th, 2009

It's like I'm one big killjoy. I'm sorry I'm not always interested in your life because... wait, you aren't interested in mine at all.
Oops. Sorry.
It's past 10:30. I should be in bed. (Shut up, I need my sleep)
So make me feel like the big dick, why don't you?
I know I should be happy, but I'm not exactly in a good mood right now.
So what the effin' hell.

::insert sigh here::

How sad is it that I can't remember the last person who cared about what I say?
I feel like I listen to people and try to help them, but when I try to bring something up about my life that I need to talk about they just bring it back to themselves.
I'd just like someone to like me enough to really talk to me and listen to me.
And granted, I'm not the best friend ever. I could be nicer and more generous, but I'd like someone to be like that for me, too.
"Oh, what wonderful lives we lead," she says as she watches police officers bringing down drug dealers on TV.

Writer's Block: The Kids' Section

What was your favorite movie when you were a kid? Is it still your favorite now that you're older?

Hands down, Harry Potter.
But who says I'm grown up? =P

"It's Over"

**A little something I wrote in middle school. Thought I'd share it :)**

This had been what Jen and Miri had been waiting for all year. They had perfect dresses, perfect hairstyles, and perfect dates. When Derik and Mark had asked them to be their dates, they were more than ecstatic and quickly accepted. They had spent all month planning what they were going to say, how they were going to dance, and what they were going to wear. Now it had all come down to this, the moment of truth. They were headed toward their futures. They were headed toward their time of perfection. They were headed toward the school dance.

When they entered the room where the dance was held, the couples stopped to admire the decorations. There were blue and green tacky crepe paper streamers and balloons covering the room. Popular dance music was casting an up-beat vibe upon the middle school students. Miri and Jen both squealed in delight and pulled their reluctant dates to the middle of the dance floor. After an hour of dancing, the boys were eager to get off the floor and asked the girls if they wanted punch, and the girls agreed. As soon as the boys were out of sight, Jen and Miri giggled and teased each other until they felt a light tap on each of their shoulders. Figuring the boys had come back with punch so quickly, the girls playfully turned around and swung their hair. It would have been appropriate if the boys behind them were, in fact, Mark and Derik.

However, the boys behind them were neither Mark nor Derik. They were two short little boys wearing nice suits. Miri and Jen’s jaws dropped. Those boys were the most adorable boys they had ever seen. All thoughts of Mark and Derik left their heads as they grabbed the little boys by their collars and dragged them to the dance floor. The boys were genuinely shocked at their reaction. All they wanted to do was to ask the girls where the restrooms were.

The new boys had chosen an unlucky time to ask where the general facilities were. Less than one minute later, Derik and Mark had returned from their quest to find the punch. Even though they were dim witted and reluctant to be there, they were very jealous guys. The sight of their date dancing with another person outraged them, and being boys, they wanted to take it outside. Mark took a dramatic swig of punch and slammed the cup down on the table. Derik cracked his knuckles.

Before Mark and Derik could start their long walk, Jen and Miri had seen them and were rushing toward them. Once the girls reached their target, they gave a dramatic sigh, flipped their hair, and said, “It’s over.” Immediately after that message, they gave the universal “We’re over” hand wave and left the boys. The girls never got the chance to see their old dates’ reactions, for they were already dancing with the little boys again. Mark and Derik both left the party in a rush to avoid further embarrassment. The little boys gave each other impressed thumbs-ups from under the girls’ arms. Indeed, this had been a night to remember.

Writer's Block: Conchordance

Who is cuter: Bret or Jemaine?

Jemaine's a freakin' MAN. The sideburns are amazing


My mom got mad at me because I wasn't watching the Inauguration Coverage. I'm sorry I have things to do. I didn't vote for the guy. Sure, I think he'll be a good Prezzie, but I also think people will be stupid enough to hate him soon enough because he isn't doing what they want him to do. People have to realize that nothing is going to change for a while. Things aren't going to get better overnight. And every day that passes that nothing seems to change, more and more people will despise him because they're being naive idiots.
It also makes me sick that the media is dissecting his life and making a big show out of it. I understand people want to know about their new President and it's a way to make money, but can't he have some privacy? Let him write a personal note to his daughters without the whole nation knowing. Let him be a restaurant critic without the whole country flocking toward the restaurant he was talking about. Let his wife give a gift to Mrs. Bush without being obsessed with what she gave her. It seems to me he's just a celebrity, with the way people want the same backpack keychain that his daughter has.
And I wish people wouldn't just cast aside Bush. Over half the country voted for him twice, so don't be mad about his decisions. Take responsibility and have some pity for him. Poor guy has so much blame on him. And yes, a lot is his fault, but you can't blame every little thing on him. So why can't we just give him an applause for leading us for eight years? Not everybody hated him, so why can't we just recognize that? He's not a piece of crap. He's a human who's had to make tough decisions.
**Please keep in mind that I'm not politically intelligent, these are just my personal opinions**
I think I'm done ranting how. Have fun, kiddies.